Left “Unity”, “People’s” “Assembly” and the “Socialist” “Workers” “Party” – god help us all.

Initiatives without initiative. Parties without pleasure. Stale formats run by stale people with stale (i.e. no) ideas. “Leaders” grubbing about for what little ego-fodder is to be had from half-empty halls full of the usual hacks and will-have-disappeared-in-3-months newbies.

A movement groaning under the weight of dozens of soured dreams, thousands of unsold newspapers and countless missed opportunities.

Britain in 2013. What a place.

What these groups have in common, besides their willingness to abuse new members through neglect and lack of imagination, besides their clinging to the tattered rituals of the Celebrity Speaker/Chief Ideologue as sage-on-the-stage, is their utter unwillingness (or is it inability?) to learn from their mistakes. It is their very wilful blindness to see the repeated patterns in what they (fail to) do. It is their counter-fire (har har) against anyone who suggests that maybe if the Old Ways aren’t working any more, then maybe New Ways should be tried, and re-tried, and refined and extended.

Here we are, three and a half horrific years into the most brazenly classwar-y government since the 1980s and who is coming to Manchester for a march? 30,000 or so people.

This post “inspired” (“despaired” would be a better word) by a bunch of encounters recently (e.g. this one). The straw that broke the camel’s back was meeting an ex-academic this morning, who had asked for support and got it, who had wanted ideas about how to run events better, and had been given some. But would a mild reciprocation be forthcoming? Er, no. That’s what is meant by “unity” comrade, clearly…


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