The £7.25 million pound consultation. Really? That’s the second best ya got?

I said this to someone tonight.  He’s a friend of someone who reads this blog.

Why?  Because I was being told that the electorate are irredeemably childish children, and need to be kept away from any real decisions, and that there is no way to ever make them more than children.

If you think I’m being unfair, I’m not. I asked that question – that exact question – to the guy.  He accused me of “flipping” the question. That’s what I always do, he told me.

Er, no. I simply ask a question that forces people to state their otherwise tacit assumptions.  Ones that they don’t want to admit to other people, and perhaps themselves.

In this case, this champion of development and Labour values was basically saying “let the elite (my party) get on with governing.  The proles/oiks/grockles/lumpen/deltas and epsilons can and indeed must be left to fester in their place.”  Nice theory of social change. Good luck with that.

He then claimed that “half the money will be taken up on the consultation.”

So I did flip. I put my hand on his shoulder, leaned in and said


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