Two days away(ish) from the internet

Went down to London on Tuesday evening, and, besides a sneaky check of email this morning, was away from IT for two days.
And the world didn’t end. I read a lot of books (well, two and a half) and many articles articles, went to an Imperialist War Museum, and art gallery, saw a film, saw the film-maker “in conversation” and had lovely meet-ups with various friends old and new, and with my two hosts.
It was hot in the city, and I’m knackered and weighted down with more books (kindle schmindle). And now sit here waiting for Mrs Towers to come back from doing a radio talk.
Happy times. Real life resumes tomorrow. Or the day after.


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One Response to Two days away(ish) from the internet

  1. pendantry says:

    I don’t feel guilty about not using a Kindle. Sad truth is, for a gadget like that to be environmentally friendly, you have to use it for five years before ‘upgrading’. And who of your gadget-loving friends do you know who don’t ‘upgrade’ the first chance they get? And which of the gadget-makers aren’t tripping over each others’ feet to be first to market with the next superdoopergadget++?

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