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The People’s Assembly Line – #Manchester fails to be revolutionary yet again

History lesson: In the mid-1920s Henry Ford had the car market sewn up. His Model Ts were everywhere. Thanks to automation and his clever anti-union action, the sale price was dropping year on year. Model T’s were also very reliable, … Continue reading

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How on earth does ANYTHING get done?

No wonder your average entrepreneur so loathes meetings. What was it Dave Berry said – organisations have meetings because they can’t actually masturbate? Either they are poorly conceived (death by powerpoint, serial-sage-on-the-stage) or else they are adequately conceived and then … Continue reading

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Privilege? I’m a big fan. Containerization? Not so much.

Not, to clarify,  privilege that deprives other people of opportunities. What do you think I am, some kind of sociopath? (1) What the economists might call non-exculsionary privileges then….Privileges I happened to like especially in the hour of my life … Continue reading

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The first rule of facilitation is you do NOT facipulate

I broke my “meetings” rule. To be fair to myself, my attendance at this particular meeting (where I was supposed to facilitate the afternoon session) pre-dates my “no more meetings” promise… I am not going to say much, cos I … Continue reading

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