Learning in social movements, post #001

Now that I’ve suspended my project to collect anecdotes of horribleness from allegedly public meetings, I need a new obsession.  I could do worse than the nature (or absence!) of learning in social movements.

I am about* to unleash a framework about activist skills and knowledge onto the world.  In the meantime, this quote leapt out at me.

In earlier writing that Budd has done on social movement learning, he has said that learning happens in the context of social movements in at least three ways:

in intentional or organized ways by members of a movement;

in informal ways because simply being part of a social movement causes one to learn so much;

and because social movements create environments because of the actions that they take that stimulates learning by those who in fact are not part of the social movements at all. (2006, 2009).


Hall, Budd L (2009)A River of Life: Learning and Environmental Social Movements in Interface: a journal for and about social movements vol 1 (1): 46-78

Hall, Budd L (2006) Social Movement Learning: Theorizing a Canadian Tradition in Tara Fenwick, Tom Nesbit and Bruce Spencer, Contexts of Adult Education Toronto: TEP


* “About” is a slippery word. I have been “about” to get this project afloat for months, nay, years.


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3 Responses to Learning in social movements, post #001

  1. yeltnuh says:

    My favourite part of this post is the number you’ve assigned. You make me laugh while you get part of my brain working.

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