Green Visions, Red Mist and Flouncer’s Remorse

Flouncer’s Remorse is a concept that is more fun to invent than to experience. Trust me on this.

I let anger and frustration and powerlessness and disappointment cloud my judgement.  I let those things give me “permission” to ask permission to ask someone to release me from an obligation.  They were right to do so at the time, because I was in no fit state to facilitate. But. I. Should. Have. Been.

I bitterly regret it now, 48 hours and some change later.  Muppetry of the highest order, imho.

All this talk about resilience, and learning in/from adversity, and I let something that I can’t change (and should have been able to anticipate) knock me off my game? FFS. How clueless and immature can you get.  Aaaaargggh.

If someone had just slapped me in the face. Or said “take a chill pill, bro” or said “breathe” in a sententious voice while drawing a vertical and supinated palm down in front of their sternum.

Or, more to the point, if I had done these things, if I had taken responsibility for my response to muppetry, then I wouldn’t have resonated and amplified the muppetry.

And let’s face it, the universe has quite enough muppetry; it’s what industrial humans are producing in industrial quantities.   Aaaargh…



1) Go first with the facilitating

2) If you break rule 1), DON’T FLOUNCE.

3) see rules 1 and 2, in that order.



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