Yet again; “why don’t people stick around?”

There’s a bit of a “dog returning to its own vomit” aspect to this. I have searched within DT to see if I have already written this post, but I appear not to have (though this speech I’ll never give comes close)

A typology of reasons why “newbies” don’t stick around…

Human problems
Cliquy – no-one says hello, people seem standoffish
Feel ignored
Feel used as ego-fodder by aggrandizers (hat-tip to leavergirl)
Feel like they are not committed enough, smart enough, passionate enough to “fit in” with the other people in the room, all of whom give off the air of ten-foot tall eco-warriors.
Not given something easy and meaningful to do
Not given something slightly challenging to do
Not asked what they already know, already can do

Ideological (intellectual) problems
Turned off by the revolutionary rhetoric
Turned off by the boring nature of the meeting
Turned off by the vague/indirect way that change is being pushed
Implausible match between rhetoric and reality of the group, or the mismatch between its analysis and the actions it is taking/advocating


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