Embracing, remembrance

How will we be remembered? (And for how long?)

How does that differ from how we want to be remembered?  Is that how you live a life, anyhow – worried about posterity,  and the current/future good opinion of others?

At any rate, that second path  doesn’t appear (to me)  to be how I am living my life.  But wtf do I know?

A hug to those who need it.  They know who they are right now.


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2 Responses to Embracing, remembrance

  1. marc roberts says:

    Some individuals live the only way that makes sense to them – that holds water in a leaky world. Gayle was like that. Others too, but too few. She was a bright light. It was lovely to see how so many young people were helped into authenticity by her, if that makes sense. Aint no sense wondering what folk think. Who’s gonna give you owt, anyway? There’ll be a little bit of GO’D in all of us from now on. No Mistake.

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