Inform, inspire, connect: choose one of the above

Had an epiphany tonight, in the presence of an old friend and the ridiculously gorgeous Russian.

Informing people – yeah, alright. But information decays very very quickly.

Inspiring people – yeah, alright, but who is to say what you think will inspire others actually will. And what will they do with the inspiration, and inspiration decays very very quickly.

Connecting. Connecting. Not “only connect” as Mr Forster had it. You have to inform and inspire. But most of all, connect. Be the person who makes the space and the place and the opportunity for the links to happen. Nurture the links if they need it, but then get out the damn way. If the links lasts, they last. And anyway, nothing lasts forever.

You are the middleman. Cut yourself out. Do yourself out of a “job.”

That is all.


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One Response to Inform, inspire, connect: choose one of the above

  1. Viv Mcwaters says:

    Yep – this is spot on. I plan to steal it. I’ve had first-hand experience of this week, professionally ad personally. When we connect, we also build trust, and when we trust each other, anything is possible.

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