The banality of path dependency

The banality I refer to is this post, so it will be as short as Mrs Towers.

I always cycle the same way out of town. That’s my autopilot. Today, because a light was red, because I was bored, I turned left early and…

much much quicker. Fewer lights, fewer cars, shorter distance.

How many other Better Ways of Being and Doing do I miss because my groove is a rut? And how to systematically experiment?


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2 Responses to The banality of path dependency

  1. Antonio Dias says:

    Why should experiment be systematic?

    What you described wasn’t an experiment either, it was a spontaneous response to what you were experiencing AT THAT MOMENT.

    The advantages grew from that. Expecting to systematize what happened is the way we cave back into what you call autopilot, falling back into expectation, striving, and wishing for a prejudged outcome.

  2. vivmcwaters says:

    Hehe – I love this (of course, I do) – it’s such a great example of spontaneity and disrupting patterns and letting go and accepting offers (stop me now!) You were improvising – like we all are, all the time, it’s just many of us (myself included) fail to see the offers right there in front of us.

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