Youtube: OODA loops

First read about ooda loops in Hugh Laurie’s thriller “The Gun Seller.”  It’s a rich concept, IMHO.  Hope this video helps?!

Here’s the hyperlink, in case the embedding is on the fritz…


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One Response to Youtube: OODA loops

  1. Antonio Dias says:

    Read Boyd’s Biography,

    He had a first class mind and went way beyond anything his minders and even most of his erstwhile “followers” could understand. A founding figure in emergent system complexity theory, and a tragic figure whose life was atrophied by his allegiance to a machine and accidents of upbringing and culture he was unable to outgrow.

    His piece: Destruction & Creation is one of the documents of the Twentieth Century!

    If Heidegger is “responsible” for Hitler, then maybe Boyd is “responsible” for Cheney & Rummey. They never had a clue as to the implications of his work, and he would have OODA Looped the shit of them!

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