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TV Review: “Covert Affairs” – mesmerisingly bad

Think a demented mash-up of Sex and the City and the first Die Hard film, with the outtakes of the American re-make of Nikita thrown in for the lulz. I watched this episode of yet another example of the Fascist … Continue reading

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Book Review: What Happened to the Corbetts

This book, which has been mentioned in some ‘resilience’ circles as a ‘worth-reading’, is most definitely a book of two halves. Written by Nevil Shute in 1938, and about the impacts of aerial bombardment on an English city, it opens … Continue reading

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The Shadow Knows

I first encountered the phrase “Shadow Organisation” in Mark Pelling’s 2011 “Adaptation and Climate Change: From resilience to transformation” However, the generation of novel ideas or practices that are in conflict with or undervalued by canonical organisation often first emerges from the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Foursome

Jeremiah Healey 1993 344 pages Jeremiah Healey’s Boston-based PI, John Cuddy, is a solid and interesting character. He’s quite like Peter Corris’ “Cliff Hardy” – a military stint (a Military Policeman in Vietnam) followed by time in an insurance company … Continue reading

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Of Praise Sandwiches, Propitiatory Rituals and Feedback

He that struggles with us strengthens our nerves, and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.Edmund Burke If you don’t accept compliments graciously, especially when that praise is a propitiatory ritual for some (potentially helpful) feedback, then you are … Continue reading

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Useless bloody academics

What is it with academics (with a few honorable exceptions, including you, Brian)?  You do the work, they want to study you and that work. You say yes, on condition that they do x (usually provide a transcript of interview/copy of … Continue reading

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Youtube: The problem solution ratio

Apols for second post today, but want to share latest video… It’s on why we get stuck on describing problems in great detail rather than thinking up (and getting to work on implementing) solutions, all in 2 and a half … Continue reading

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Lord Acton and the Smugosphere.

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So the man said. But what about powerlessness? Without naming names (MGP), it seems to me that those without power can just choose lost causes and emotive side issues to whine … Continue reading

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Tacit(us) understandings about the apocalypse

From a brilliant book called Reports from a Wild Country: ethics for decolonisation by Deborah Bird Rose UNSW Press 2004 Tacitus wrote of the Roman conquest of Britain. He put some of the most damning critique into the voice of … Continue reading

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Climate adaptation as a Maginot Line

Reading this (to be reviewed soon) made me think of adaptation metaphors I’d use if writing a similar book (and I am, sort of). And the one that springs to mind, especially given climate activists’ fondness for World War 2 … Continue reading

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