Cyberpsychology , Behavior, and Social Networking

OK, I suppose I should not be surprised. I mean, the seriesoftubes HAS been with us for 15 years (more, really)

Cyberpsychology , Behavior, and Social Networking is ranked 5 out of 55 in the “Communication” category of the JCR Social Sciences Edition and has an Impact Factor* of 1.591

* 2009 Journal Citation Reports® published by Thomson Reuters, 2010

This authoritative monthly peer-reviewed journal explores the impact of the Internet, multi-media, and virtual reality on behavior and society. Now with an expanded focus on social networking, the Journal examines the psychological and social issues surrounding the Internet and interactive technologies.

The Journal is a “must read” for psychologists; sociologists; designers and developers of internet technology, mobile devices, and online and virtual games; business executives; educators, and opinion leaders interested in the effects of interactive technologies. The Journal’s expanded coverage explores the impact of social networks, Internet, multi-media, and virtual reality on behavior and society.

Topics include:
• Social networking on Facebook, MySpace, and more
• Virtual communities and blogging behavior
• Mobile phone behavior
• Online video sharing
• Computer games and gaming
• e-Commerce and online shopping
• e-Health communication
• Internet addiction
• Cyberbullying
• Epidemiological studies of Internet use and behavior
• Addiction to cyberporn
• Virtual reality therapy


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