Show me the Monet: the BBC and UK activism

The sophisticated and respected UK publication Viz has a phrase for women who look good at a distance but are a bit of a mess up close. The phrase is “Monet.”

Right, now that I’ve alienated approximately half my readership directly (with, I would hope, many of the blokes coming out in sympathy), I’ll get to my point.

In the same way the BBC looks good to American activists who have a choice between CNN and Fox news, UK activism can look good to those from afar. But the grimy day to day reality… (shudder)

UK (climate) activism seems to be held up as some sort of examplar in Australia. I don’t know if that’s part of the whole cultural cringe thing or what, but it’s been a loooong time since UK climate activism was daring and innovative. Zombie repertoires a-go-go, I’m afraid…

“Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made.”
Though similar remarks are often attributed to Bismarck, this is the earliest known quote regarding laws and sausages, and is attributed to John Godfrey Saxe in The Daily Cleveland Herald (29 March 1869) and “Quote… Misquote” by Fred R. Shapiro in The New York Times (21 July 2008); according to Shapiro’s research, such remarks only began to be attributed to Bismarck in the 1930s.


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