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Saints preserve us: know wtf you are talking aboutn

Classic smugosphere moment. Can’t go into detail because it would be unfair and unwise, but just had a lovely interaction with someone who is campaigning on issue X, and assures me that the key demand they are working towards is … Continue reading

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Despite what it may seem like, I don’t go round trying to come up with shoddy neologisms. Smugosphere, Transruptive and Nulture are about it, really. Well, so far. Here’s the Nulture vid, with a great song by TV Smith kicking … Continue reading

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Transruptive video

OK, so I created a youtube channel. I wanted dwighttowers, but that was taken. So I went for “dwighttowering” instead. The first video has a slightly less happy clappy ending than is probably appropriate (for any ‘come join the activism’ … Continue reading

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Can our identities be borne by this planet?

So, last night I read this on the stepper (among a whole bunch of Financial Times bits and pieces and old Red Peppers). “Creating Sustainable Identities: The Significance of the Financially Affluent Self” by Victoria Hurth, of Exeter University. It’s … Continue reading

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