The Book That Didn’t Get Written


Yes, it should have. And there were no good reasons (but lots of prevarications and excuses and so on) that it didn’t. Various people whose judgment I trust are saying it should get written.  And right now it would be more of a re-jigging of posts and cutting and pasting and throwing in a few new bits.

Will it happen?  “Maybe” is the best I am willing to commit to (which, I am aware, moves it more to the probably not end of the spectrum. So it goes.)

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2 Responses to The Book That Didn’t Get Written

  1. pendantry says:

    Typo alert:
    “…but lots of prevaricationsprocrastinations and excuses and so on…”

    ‘Prevaricate’ means ‘to lie’. For some reason lots of people use this word when they mean ‘procrastinate’ (I suspect that one day the former will be redefined as a synonym of the latter). I used to, myself, until someone set me straight.

    Nowadays I only use the word myself when referring to the prevaricating peer — because, in that case, the confoundation[1] seems particularly apt.

    [1] Spot the made-up word 🙂

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