Goodbye to all them

In these last ‘good’ (1) years, what does it matter?

What does it matter if the humans riding on the elephants that are our bureaucracies (public and private) are aware of what is going on or not?  What does it matter if they pretend to give a damn for the sake of their children or grandchildren or whatever? What does it matter if you can indeed get them to make  promises, for reasons of need (pre-Copenhagen) or incompetence/the lulz (more recently). They won’t keep the ones they can’t keep. And they won’t keep the ones they can keep. They just won’t. Deal with it already.

As that panicking coward Hudson says in Aliens “it’s game over, man, game over.” 

So to hell with them.  I was probably mis-understanding what “power” was and where it lies (2) anyhow. And even if I am wrong about the locus of control, what does it matter?  I will do the network-weavy thing instead. Sing a little kumbaya while I am at it.  It will be better for my blood-pressure anyhows.  As my clever project collaborator just wrote –

“I completely agree about cutting our losses with the [lot of them]. I think we should keep tabs on them and what they do but we need to balance it with more actually productive stuff – if just for our sanity!”

Amen to that, sister.

(1) I use ‘good’ in the narrow technical sense of “early 21st century living has a lot of cool trinkets and distractions if you can afford them, and if you live in a country where there is running water, functioning public services and bombs aren’t being dropped on your head. And the distractions help you (most of the time) blot out the fearful knowledge of our silence during and complicity in the accelerating destruction of the biosphere, the  extermination of countless species and the casual wrecking of the prospects for future generations.”  You know, that sense of ‘good’.

(2) I blame it on too much Marx and Lenin at a tender age (21 to 23). I should have read Chomsky first, dammit.


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4 Responses to Goodbye to all them

  1. yeltnuh says:

    Great post! I have been reading (and watching talks by) Zizek; he, like the others you mention, inspires and ummm productively redirects my attention to what matters. Some of us still cling to beliefs. 🙂 Rage on!

  2. pendantry says:

    Hudson a coward? That’s a bit harsh. If anyone was a coward, it was Burke. He died die like a coward. Hudson died like a hero.

    Let’s ROCK!

    • dwighttowers says:

      *Like* a hero, but not *as* a hero. Hudson spent most of his time on the planet shouting and panicking and beign totally unhelpful.* You don’t redeem yourself just before dying, imho – this is a marathon, not a sprint. Anyhows, the only way they were going to win that fight was to blast off and nuke the site from orbit…
      *Granted, other people were complete corporate tools, but that’s what they are – they are overconfident, underperforming and totally affiliated with power – generally not much good at anything at all. But that doesn’t change the assessment of Hudson.

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