SMEAC shall inherit the Earth

Who’d have figured ol’ Matthew 5:5 had so much trouble in it?

Here’s the youtube

And here’s the script (ish)

Smeac script

And Haysus sayeth “’smeac shall inherit the earth” (matthew 5:5)

And Freddie Nietzsche says- “Bloody Slave Morality”

And Dwight Towers says-
SMEAC is an acronym used in military circles. Ignore for a minute that it is used by people whose job it is to kill foreigners at the behest of our political leaders. Think instead how it might help YOU in your activism…

What is the current state of play? What wrong in the world is it that you’re trying to righ, and what are the balance of forces supporting that wrong? Who are your allies? What moments of opportunity are coming up? This is where the notion of a ‘sitrep’ – a situation report – comes in handy…

if you’re an activist, you’re usually trying to change something. Or else stop the bad guys overturning the last gain that you made. That’s your mission. State it in a sentence.

How are you going to get it done? What order do things need to be done in? What decisions need to be made now (possible dates and venues of a meeting, format of the meeting. What is the contingency plan if plan A falls through?

Administration and Logistics
A plan isn’t enough. Do you have the kit? Do we have the shovels, spades and tents? Who’ll store them where? Who will sign off on the flyers advertising the meeting? Have bust cards been distributed and a legal number sorted out?

Command and Control
Who has to fix things when they go wrong? (Because don’t forget, “no battle plan survives contact with the enemy”.) It is not enough to say “we’re all in charge, we’re all responsible.” If everyone is responsible for everything, no-one is responsible for anything. It shouldn’t be the same person or same group of people every time. That’s how the hierarchy gets in.

In the real world – of business, the military, health care or whatever – newbies are given small roles, apprenticed as it were. In activism, because so few people stick around for any length of time, and because we rarely acknowledge the need for capacity building, newbies are thrown into the deep end to sink or swim.
If they sink, they usually leave.

If they swim, because they are innately tough or determined, or bring cultural capital with them, they have no experience of being mentored, so are rarely able to be decent mentors themselves.

And the great wheel keeps turning…

Also need to do a video on hotwashes and debriefs. But the sun is shining, so it will have to wait…

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