The whines on the bus go round and round, round and round…

The left “extra-parliamentary left” is utterly hooked on proclaiming their own moral superiority, their victim status, on doling out little pats on the back to each other at miserabilist meetings/rallies. A shopping list of grievances. The grievances are all real – well, maybe not the ones about the Illuminati and 911 as an inside job – but there is no actual effort (that I can see) at doing the sorts of things that would involve movement building instead of mobilising.

Finding out what skills people have, and sharing those. Finding out what skills people think they will need, and figuring out how everyone can get those skills to a reasonable level. That would demand that individuals take a long hard look at themselves, and commit to a programme of improvement, rather than periodically dipping in for a dose of smuggery and outrage.

Tedious tedious.

(And it’s not a state socialist thing alone – as well as the Trots the liberals and the “non-hierarchicals” are just as guilty of the whine-o-rama.)

And before anyone says anything, YES, we need to acknowledge the pain and damage that the Tories and the Lib Dems are causing. But we also need to strategise and capacity build. If we rely on testifying (to each other), we are going to get slaughtered. Again.


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