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Movement-building gimmick: “the skills in the room go round and round…”

So, in my unpaid consultant (cough cough) role today, I was ad-libbing about how you could make everyone in the room – from hardened activist to starry-eyed “newbie” (terrible phrase that it is) – see that their contribution is both … Continue reading

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Not-so-happy campers

Hmm, I have come late to this party. A new friend alluded to an article about the UK Climate Camp’s “Spaces for Change” event back in February. You know, the one that culminated with the “we’z not doin another camp … Continue reading

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Cliques and cops and human beings

I asked a friend who happens to be an academic for some articles on why people LEAVE social movements. The literature is thin, as you’d expect. One thing he sent me was “Some Elements of an Interactionist Approach to Political … Continue reading

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