Viral “meh”-keting

A new record- I have topped two hundred hits on this site in one day. For some carefully crafted think piece of my own, a pondering on paradigms that seeks to crunch world views into a paper ball and bat them around like a cosmic kitten?

Get a grip, this is the Interwebz. No, for two particular pieces, neither my own, which seem to be getting a lot of traffic via facebook and twitter (not from me).

They are the “The Stupid, it hurts, it really really hurts

and a profound and depressing toon from the wonderful Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Anyhow, normal service resumes shortly – I intend to post accounts of my Australia- Beijing, Beijing – Moscow and Moscow – Home adventures. No slides, promise.

And book reviews, and meditations on getting my first (sort of) mobile phone thingamee.

And excerpts from some great posts various friends have been writing…


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