Why I won’t join your movement


this from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is funny, except it claims that there is an inverse correlation between being an asshole and having a high IQ.  In my experience, if there is any correlation (doubtful), it is not inverse, but the inverse of inverse… 


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2 Responses to Why I won’t join your movement

  1. Antonio Dias says:

    Remember Marx’s Law! That’s Groucho…

    I’ll never join a club that will have me as a member!

    You’re closing in on accepting the fatal flaws of movements…

  2. Moth says:

    I don’t know if it’s really a relationship between IQ and being an arsehole, but rather one’s perception of their own IQ and an “inverse of inverse” relationship with being an arsehole.
    Basically, the bigger the ego, the bigger the…

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