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Of noble savages and golden ages

There was a time when the lion and the lamb laid down… Not always the sharpest tool in the box, I’ve only just realised that the Rousseauean idea of a “noble savage” where everyone lives in harmony with nature is … Continue reading

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Nature docos – “Bugs shagging to Mozart”

The result of Reagan’s intent, as interpreted by the board, was to cast a new chill on current-affairs broadcasting and place PBS more in the hands of corporate sponsorship than it had been before. Corporate underwriters on the whole refused … Continue reading

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The way we see the world

Attention Conservation Notice: Coupla quotes, from good books, coupla links to other Dwight Towers posts. The point is, we see what we want/expect/need to see. How do we conceive of “Nature”? How do these conceptions change? Wrong. Nature in the … Continue reading

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