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Compulsory happiness and the shiny happy people

Arena, the Australian magazine of left cultural and political commentary, has published a couple of pieces by a writer called Mark Furlong. In “Keeping it light” he laments that “Once it was right to be thoughtfully troubled when something was … Continue reading

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On the rapture of consumerism

On all those adverts (billboards, tv, where them young folks are having just So Much Fun…) This image references vitality and excitement – life taken, fully and exuberantly. One is high, in the moment,. For the secular, it seems , … Continue reading

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Imaginary all the people…

As in Social Imaginary… I find the ideas of political philosopher Charles Taylor good to think with. Writing of liberal multicultural societies, Taylor takes the notion of recognition and suggests it has two possible manifestations – society can recognise cultural … Continue reading

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Fordlandia – another Capitalist Utopia goes kersplatt!

This from an article (“Charter Cities” by Gillian Terzis) in Arena 109 is fascinating. In 1927 Henry Ford had designs on society. Determined to shatter the Dutch and British cartels’ duopoly on rubber, Ford decided to import the value system … Continue reading

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