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Policing women – how the #patriarchy works, #94,000,243 #mansplaining

My work colleague is not skinny, but she ain’t fat, and her BMI is nowhere near mine (I am overweight). Yesterday we had a conversation that went like this. Her: I was two people behind you in the lunch queue … Continue reading

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The patriarchy, it hurts. No, I mean it really really HURTS

There’s  a bloody brilliant TED talk “what happens when an NGO admits failure” by a guy called David Damberger (it is absolutely worth 13 minutes of your life). And this leads on to a bloody brilliant website called “Admitting Failure.”  … Continue reading

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Reflexive modernisation and the resentment that climate change exists

This SHOULDN’T Be Happening To Us. We beat Nature. She’s licked. All our problems are of our own societies’ making now. That’s the whole point of having entered reflexive modernisation… The idea of reflexive modernisation describes, at its simplest, the notion … Continue reading

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Woman forced to ‘admit’ rape allegation false

[Trigger warning for sexual violence, rape culture narratives.] This report from Alternet surprises me, because I am naive about how women are treated by the State. In summary – a couple of years ago a woman was raped in Washington … Continue reading

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