The 24/7 world bites back

Capitalism wants to squeeze every last drop of time and creativity out of us, but when you squash down too hard, stuff can leak out the sides…

The proliferation of consumer gadgets such as tablet computers and smartphones in the workplace is becoming a major headache for those responsible for the safety of company and government information.
Previously, the corporate fleets of laptops and mobile phones were armed to the teeth with security measures to stop sensitive information getting into the wrong hands, but many newer devices were not designed with the business world in mind.
To make matters worse, the security measures that are available are often not used because the devices are not in the sights of corporate technology departments.
Sceptical IT executives have so far been reluctant to let tablet computers onto the corporate communications network because their wireless connections are considered a security risk. But despite the best efforts to ban them, tech-savvy staff are finding ways to use their own devices for work purposes.

Consumer gadgets spook IT execs by Brian Corrigan
Australian Financial Review, 21 December 2010

Insert witty comment about law of unintended consequences/information wanting to be free/perils of “open-ness”

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