Leave it all to our lords and masters

Two brief pieces from the February 2nd Australian Financial Review that tell us that we can most definitely leave sorting climate change to our political and economic lords and masters, oh yes.

Miners in anti-tax spend
Marcus Priest (front page)
Mining companies spent three times as much money as unions in political advertising and contributions to political parties in the lead-up to the last election.

$130m left for green car scheme

Mark Skulley (page 7)
The Gillard government has sought to placate the car industry over the axing of the green car innovation fund by revealing that about another $130 million has yet to be allocated.
The $900 million fund was closed last week to help pay for the massive construction program left by the floods in Queensland and Victoria, saving about $400 million over what was billed as a 1-year program.
The move shocked the three local car makers – Toyota, GM Holden and Ford – plus component manufacturers who had factored green funding into their long-term business plans.

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