Fallen idle or Fallen Idol?

The difference between activity and productivity haunts me. Often I plough through absurd amounts of work, only to find… well, it’s like that nightmarish scene towards the end of Toy Story 3 where the toys are climbing as fast as they can upwards, as a torrent of junk comes down…. Red Queens and all that.

And much as I love posting on DT, and getting posts, I have to be honest with myself and say sometimes it’s busy work… Maybe I should drop this absurd daily schedule I have set myself…

Anyway, back to the laboured pun of the title;

Tonight, even though it was semi-“strategic”, I took some time out to smell the roses.

And the rose in question was the film “Fallen Idol“.

Based on a Graham Greene short story, it is rather good. The son of a diplomat idolises the butler (played by Ralph Richardson). A woman dies. Did the butler do it??

Well worth a look – as befits something written by a man who converted to Catholicism, there’s humour, philosophy, love, guilt, doubt and authority figures of limited powers.


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