“I was elected to lead, not to read” – post-literate apparatchiks and the End of Civ

I may be mis-quoting the Simpsons Movie. Meh, whaddya gonna do?

This leapt out at me from an article by Laura Nader.
“While we were working, no matter what we sent to Washington, we would be asked for more tables and less prose. We finally got an exasperated note that said, “More tables, less prose. These guys don’t read.” We know that there is a literacy problem among the young, but less recognized is another serious problems: managers and planners do not read and they do not write. They hire people to do it for them. For people who want it all in tables, I ask: “How do you talk about freedom, democracy, about most of the things we care about in a table?”

This was written in… 1981. Things have gotten so much better since then, yessirreee.

Toast, I tell you. Burnt Toast.

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