B for Vendetta

(UKPA) – 34 minutes ago

David Beckham has visited Downing Street as David Cameron agreed to host a summit aimed at tackling world hunger.

The former England footballer met the Prime Minister at No 10 as Mr Cameron said world leaders would meet on August 12 – the last day of the Olympics – to thrash out plans designed to help starving people across the globe. Mr Cameron said: “Britain has a fantastic role to play in this.”

Ex-Manchester United midfielder Beckham, who was controversially snubbed for Team GB’s football side but is tipped for a starring role at Friday’s Olympics opening ceremony, sat on No 10’s sun-drenched terrace as he told Mr Cameron of the need to provide food for hungry youngsters.

Actually, this is unfair to Mr Beckham. Footballers work bloody hard, have short careers that can be ended with a single injury. And when they DO try to leverage their ‘power’, they get a kicking from nobodies. Still, most people would rather be in their boots than not…

Then again, maybe Mr Beckham is conscious that this might distract from Jamie Oliver (1) and the Royal Collage of Pediatricians giving him and others stick for shilling sugary foods

(1) This would be the same Mr Oliver who used to shill for farmed salmon, earning him a rebuke from another chef. Something about being a whore

I’m going to go have a lie down now. Maybe eat some Walker’s Crisps and a Mars Bar while watching doped up lycra louts run around in circles. Or something.


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