Backing up and learning – or not learning – lessons

Walking to get milk last week there was a truck pulled out onto the pavement. The driver backed up, and was rewarded with a beep from the person in the car behind.  I thought to myself “you could have learnt an important lesson – don’t queue too close. But you won’t,  because you’re simply going to blame the person in front for reversing.”

Four hours later, I was cycling home, (along a very wide pavement). I went behind a vehicle that was pulled  out [too far] to try and join the mainstream. Just as I was going behind, he pulled back. And I began to curse him, and then remembered my experience this morning, and realised I had to not make the same mistake (of not learning from a mistake) as the guy in the car that morning.

How many other times, though, am I not seeing these things?  Most of the time, most of the day, I suppose.

To read: Dan Kahneman on System One/System Two…


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