Doctor Why oh why oh why

Smarter people than me will have eviscerated the atrocity that was the Dr Who Christmas special. So I will make only these random fulminations –

Stephen Moffat is going down the Russell T Davies mawkishness road. Somebody has to ask him to stop.

The opening sequence – cramming in visual quotes from Star Wars, Alien, Aliens etc etc – was fine, and the humour in the “man who fell to earth” thing was fine.

But then what is it with all this Mrs Miniver, Dambusters, Brief Encounter shite? I’ve read that this was the least “Britain stands alone” of all the WW2 episodes, but the whole blindness to/silence about social class thing – the other members of the Lancaster crew who weren’t posh pilot conveniently disappear, for instance), really really got on my tits. No, I do not expect writers to be trying to write with a Pierre Bourdieu text book on one side and the Mass Observation crew on t’other, and I get the whole enchanted CS Lewis thing… But honestly, couldn’t the Doctor, just for once, spend Christmas in a homeless shelter?

Claire Skinner does well, and the kids are alright. And Matt Smith too, but oh my what a steaming pile of shite.

And the Androzani Major thing. Gratuitous or what?


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