Waterstone’s in useless and not-actually-giving-advertised-discount shocker

Caveat emptor and check your receipts when you go into Waterstone’s. I bought some books yesterday, one of which was supposed to be “£2 off.” Muppet that I am, I didn’t check the receipt, and guess what – they forgot to take it off. I am going back today and doubtless they will be all apologetic etc etc.

But it doesn’t change the fact that I went in there with a list of six books to buy and came out with only one from that list. Could it be something to do with their shelves being stuffed full of glossy celebrity biographies and other crap? Presumably Waterstone’s is trying to compete with Tesco. And anyone who wants a proper book? They’ll have to order it.

And they wonder why they are losing market-share to those union-busters at Amazon.


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