“getting in the way of politics” #leninists #epic-fail #unintentionallyhilarious #smugosphere

Politics, it seems, is what happens when a bunch of people sit at the front of a room talking at a passive audience, allowing them to ask questions of one or more of the speakers.  If you challenge that, you will be told

“No event can keep everyone happy or engaged but we’ll try our hardest to do so without getting in the way of politics.”

If the personal is political, how come the way we “organise”* shitty meetings is not political?  Isn’t this enervating top-down model INTENSELY political? Or rather, anti-political.  Isn’t it just dreary Trotskyism or Leninism or whatever they are calling themselves these days?**

Ya basta!

* “Organise” actually implies some thought and consideration went into putting on an event.  It’s not always clear any did.   We perhaps need a word for sheer “doing-what-we’ve-always-done”  Rut-anise? Routin-ise?  Complacent-ise?

** Rhetorical question

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2 Responses to “getting in the way of politics” #leninists #epic-fail #unintentionallyhilarious #smugosphere

  1. Sam Gunsch says:

    re: ” “We perhaps need a word for sheer “doing-what-we’ve-always-done” ”

    How about “looping” ?

    Two links with content I think relevant:


    1. Looping
    excerpt: “When your on ecstasy and you get stuck in the same mental thought process over and over.”



    excerpt: “A single network frame will cycle around the network and actually consume 100% of the possible network bandwidth. “

  2. dwighttowers says:

    Perfick. Thank you. I realise it’s like the a form perseveration.

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