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Piss-weak excuses and defensiveness

We all of us screw up.  We all of us see what we need to see.  And the blindest of us all are probably those who think we see the clearest (1). But (2)  it REALLY REALLY (I’d shout louder … Continue reading

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Victor Turner Overdrive: Climate camps as secular pilgramage (and leks)

So, I’ve been thinking and writing about Climate Camp since before the first one (in 2006). Climate Camp was many things (including a [bisexual] lek). I just wish I’d known about Victor Turner and the concept of secular pilgrimage back … Continue reading

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Egypt and social media

There is a lot of stuff flying around. This piece, by a hack for The Nation (and Obama’s 2008 blog co-ordinator), Sam Graham-Felsen, seems balanced and is certainly inspiring…. Over time, hundreds of thousands joined the “We Are All Khaled … Continue reading

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