The Middle East: Who let the dogs out?

Following up from Chomsky’s forensic analysis, here’s a short provocative piece by Robert Paterson about Middle Eastern policy and who is allowed to behave abominably. Do note, he’s deploying simile, not metaphor. My main quibble with his thesis would be that the control of Middle Eastern oil is sought not merely to ensure domestic (US) consumption, but also to be able to hurt potential competitors by having control over the price of oil…

The Middle East and Israel – The Dogs are off the leash

The Middle East and Israel remind me of dogs.

I walk our dogs off leash. I only put the leash on when I see people and other dogs who are not socialized. Dogs on leashes tend to behave badly with each other because they can get away with it and in many cases are reacting to the fear of their owner that something bad will happen. But if you go to a park that has a leash off policy, you tend to find confident well socialized dogs and owners who share these attributes.

Israel has been on a leash – protected by a nervous owner. This has meant that it can behave badly with no real consequences. It can give power to its own fundamentalists and to the settlers who drive an agenda that makes any peace impossible. For on the leash, Israel does not need to be serious about peace.

Israel lives in a dog park that insists on leashes. America has had a leash on Egypt and Jordan and many other Arab states too. This too has had internal consequences for these leaders. I wonder if their own fundamentalists have been empowered by this?

What seems to be certain now is that the Dog Park Rules have changed for all. It is going to be a No Leash park.

There will be real consequences for bad behaviour. I don’t mean that there will be no bad behaviour, I mean that it will come with a big price.

And the “Owner”? The US is left helpless the other side of the fence looking in.

What to do?

Realize that depending on imported oil is where the power and the pain lies. America’s greatest defence is to make itself less vulnerable to oil. Local resiliency is the path to freedom

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1 Response to The Middle East: Who let the dogs out?

  1. mike k says:

    I’m not very comfortable with the idea of a mad dog (Israel) loaded with nukes and paranoid as hell off leash, and running wild. But neither am I happy with America holding a leash on anybody either. If only the UN had a workable leash on anything….

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