Dr Who and the Parallels of Doom…

Over at MancunianGreen, Brian Candeland has posted some political satire/fan fiction that is well worth a look. I don’t think the Doctor has “done” the Middle East since about 1964, so it’s good to see him getting around, albeit in unhappy circumstances.

And on this topic (Doctor Who, not the horrors of the [escalation of] the attack on Gaza), wasn’t the Christmas special a relief? After last year’s dire Voyage of the Damned (tastelessly named after a 1939 incident involving Jewish refugees from Hitler, many of whom were not allowed into Britain or USA and were sent back to Germany, where about half them were murdered in places like Auschwitz and Sobibor) it was great to see it all come together.

Especially good; David Morrissey, the Doctor’s compassion having figured out what was going on “do you really want me to tell you?”, Dervla Kirwan as the scenery-chewing baddie, the companion Rosalita, the knowing touches (“You ask a lot of questions.” “Well, I am your companion” and “People will be talking about this for years.”) all capped off with a giant iron cyberman coming up out of the Thames. Yessssss!!

Pity they didn’t go for something a bit different (Paterson Joseph or Colin Salmon), because we have gotten comfortable enough, at last, with a figure of Britishness like the Doctor being, gasp, “not white“.

Anyway, I witter…

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