Green with… self-loathing

It’s one of those things that I learn and ‘forget’ (i.e. repress). It’s one of those things that, in a sane world, they would have on the curriculum in ‘schools’ (digression: I wonder what schools would look like in a sane world. Not much like what we have now, I suspect). People seeking high political office (see comment above about schools) would be obliged to make public disclosure about it.

What is it? A quantum of self-awareness that reminds you that the behaviours and characteristics in others that make you uncomfortable/angry are often (not always) the very things you don’t want to admit about yourself. Things that you’ve only just overcome, perhaps, and are afraid of reverting to. As if neuroticism, muppetry, unreliability, neoteny were all somehow contagious.

Yes, muppets are intrinsically irritating, especially the ones who keep pretending to themselves that they are proper activists. There’s some here in [insert name of city] who have just made me really visualise what a chocolate teapot actually is. Something that looks ok, but as soon as you ask it to do the job it claims it can do, you’re left with brown sludge that is unattractive and useless. And these individuals and groups are actually “WoTUs” – Worse Than Useless, because they take up space and destroy credibility and hope.

There, y’see. I started off this post trying to get myself to see my inner muppet, and the effort was too painful so I pivotted to complain about the weather.

Lord Vader in his little spaceship: “Hmm, the force of denial is strong in this one.”


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One Response to Green with… self-loathing

  1. pendantry says:

    I’m not entirely sure I follow. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I don’t. I feel sure I’d recognise a chocolate teapot as something that one cannot make tea in; possibly good as a dust-collector, but not much else. Am I fooling myself? Quite possibly.

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