“Let’s cut to the chase and have a fascist dictatorship* already”

Because the anti-fascist crowd (and here I don’t mean the street-fighting men – I mean ‘democracy campaigners’ more broadly), simply do not have their shit together.
Last night I went to a small meeting (I’ll not mention the organisation’s current name; suffice to say you’d have to charter eighty-eight coaches and fill them with cold hard cash and give it to me before I’d even consider going to another).
I knew we were in trouble when the ‘warm-up’ get to know you consisted of the guy in charge (it usually is) knew the other three people by name and merely asked mine before launching in to a spiel that told us why we were there.
I knew we were in real trouble when he kept on talking without really acknowledging the two more people who came in.
I knew, after 15 minutes of this (I shit you not), that my work here was done.
I used my two feet and left.

Democratic renewal? Keeping the bastards honest? You’re having a laugh.

Which is, of course, no laughing matter if you don’t conform to that particular brand of fascists’ criteria of acceptability. Jews and commies are near the top of the list, but they are ecumenical in their hatred of, well, pretty much everyone who reminds them of complexity, difference or frailty.


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2 Responses to “Let’s cut to the chase and have a fascist dictatorship* already”

  1. Sam Gunsch says:

    In related blog post today…

    excerpt: “conservatives are better at group-binding, at loyalty, and so if you put them in a group-versus-group conflict, yes, the right is more prone, psychologically, to band around and sort of, circle the wagons.”


    …possibly an explanatory factor as to why politics on the conservative side, among those opposed to democracy anywhere on the political spectrum and including fascists are often better organizers and more tightly organized?

    • dwighttowers says:

      Hey Sam, there are some posts coming up that you are really gonna like I think – on “left” and “right” social movements, on professionalisation of social movements etc etc. Stay tuned!

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