The Final Flouncedown

That’s it. I’m done. No more political/campaign meetings for me for a long long time. Until they’re engaging, energising and coherent/transparent, I’m withholding my consent. (I am sure they’ll struggle on in my absence…)
The straws have been congealing into bales of hay for years – well, decades. The one that finally did for this camel’s back was courtesy of [name redacted] tonight.

We started late, naturally. There was the shameful ritual of the boss saying “anyone want to facilitate?” when there was no agenda, no explanation of what that would entail and no offer of co-facilitation. And guess what, in a completely unexpected development the person with all the power kept the power, having “offered” to share it. Well. Blow. Me. Down. With. A. Feather.
Then a cursory name-go-round. No name badges, no mingling, no brainstorm. No agendas handed out. No update on what’s been going on locally or nationally.
Straight into a poorly-delineated discussion about whether to show a film “publicly” or privately. Connected to a broader campaign, apparently, but no context of how the film showing would fit into this campaign, and eventually win the changes sought.
The facilitator clearly had a preference for what she wanted to happen, and was busy trying to get that through. Although she met with resistance (successful, I think), that’s not the point. She shouldn’t be abusing her position, and other people shouldn’t be letting her.

I invoked the law of two feet, and legged it. Life’s too short.

I’ve had enough. I’ve wasted quite enough time on poisonous and useless processes. Time I could have spent doing stuff. I suppose I am searching for a group that functions. And I keep deferring DOING STUFF MYSELF in the hope that such a group exists. I’ve hunted high and low. Screw it.

No pasaran, adios amoebas, ya basta.

PS It’s these clowns.


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7 Responses to The Final Flouncedown

  1. Phil K says:

    love the headline Dwight… and the rest. And good timing too as I’m off to facilitate a local meet, so will pack name badges so I know who I’m ordering about 😉

  2. Jay D says:

    Hilarious comment above by Phil K. And my favorite essays are where the writer reaches a choicepoint or boil-over which forces the issue. Crossroads like that can blow open the doors to new possibility, and, if we let ’em, the very doors of perception. Rich opportunities if we don’t retreat into the cynical side and get stuck there.

    May your doors be blown open if they haven’t already, and, hardest of all, may they stay that way.

    • dwighttowers says:

      Thanks Jay D. Give us some for instance essays – they sound good.

      And thanks for pointing out the dangers of slipping back – I’ve asked other people (and am now asking you!) to send me this post if (when) you see me slipping back into old ways…

      All best

  3. leavergirl says:

    A group that functions? Start one yourself. Then, when it functions well, hive off… Rinse and repeat.

    • dwighttowers says:

      yep, dat’s da plan. There’s two of us gonna be doing a v. cool project, gather a few more folks who can play by the right rules; no time-wasters, no power-grabbers, just power-builders and power-sharers.
      Will let you know how we get on (from Dec this year onwards)

  4. marc roberts says:

    Love the comment “may your doors be blown open”. I’ll look forward to using that one day. I seem to have reached my own saturation point some months ago, possibly partly due to my complacency in the face of the absence of large Australian catharsis. My own final final final straw may have been last night’s bbc1 Panorama, which discussed the Somalian meltdown with only one brief and passing mention of drought. Without context we are soooo fucked. Without Assertive and informed humility on the part of influential facilitators/commentators we are boxed and packaged and handed over to the tyranny of “that which is most commonly represented”. Personally I see no light on the horizon in this regard. The problem is deeply embedded in the assumptions of a culture that no longer questions itself without shitting its pants and crying for Momma. Neural pathways, cognitive dissonance blah blah.
    But then again, I’ve had a bad day. So Meh.

    • dwighttowers says:

      “Assertive and informed humility on the part of influential facilitators/commentators”
      Huzzah!! That needs to be turned into a placard/slogan/chant for the next pointless march!!

      And don’t knock shitting pants and crying for Momma – it’s my preferred coping strategy…

      LAC services to resume in November.

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