(Imagine it with a zombie voice-  Bbbraaaiinnnsss!!!)

This from a clean-up/delete-binge of my cluttered desktop –

“And it struck me – this is what’s most wrong with the ad as a campaign piece.  It makes the audience feel stupid.  It does not equip them to identify with anyone in the ad who is portrayed as doing something right, something clever.  So to feel clever he had to diss it.

Fortunately I think he felt better at the end of Avatar, perhaps as the lead character says (a piece of script I suspect was inserted so as to make a pull quote for the trailer): “out-standing”. The point for campaigns    Start from where your audience is.   If they need to feel clever, to gain esteem or self-esteem, then design campaign communications that enable them to do so.”

I think it is from a Chris Rose “Campaign Strategy” newsletter.
Good advice, anyhow…


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One Response to Brains!

  1. Phil K says:

    more wisdom from Mr Rose – he does come up with the goods doesnt he? This also chimes w the idea that the best motivation [eg in a workforce is to ensure that they get autonomy, expertise and purpose from the task that you wish them to do…

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