PR tricks 101

The latest Campaign Strategy newsletter(61) is out now. Three pages of considered wisdom, this time on the BP oil spill.

This bit (of many) struck me –

No doubt some in BP know the PR industry formula for such events: CAR – Concern (express/show Concern first), Action (say/show what Action you are taking), Reassurance (now you can Reassure about it being ‘unusual’ or ‘not so big’ etc — never do it the other way around). But until the full ‘body count’ is in, it’s not yet time for reassurance about impacts, and probably not BP’s job anyway. By arguing about whether undersea oil is in a ‘plume’ or a ‘cloud’ or how big it is or how damaging it might be, BP simply undoes any expression of concern.

Hmm, I have a CAR acronym too- that collaborators need to be Competent, Available, Reliable. Of which more later.

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