How long, how long must I bleat this song?

We do what “works” for us. Or, to be accurate, what worked for us when we were younger than we remember.  We keep doing it, I fear, long long after our rational brains tell us that “behaviour x”  is counter-productive.  There are other gains from the “maladaptive behaviour” – be they social gains, or pity, or martyrdom or the cold warmth of self-righteousness or whatever.

And I’ve seen other people do the whole “I’m-self-aware-so-that-makes-it-alright” thing (one vividly remembered instance of a cellist on a train to Manchester via Newport, but I digress).

And it’s easy to spot the ruts other individuals and organisations persist in. And it’s relatively easy to spot the ruts one is in oneself.  But, as Vlad asked, “What is to be Done?”

Is anger an energy? Yes, and toxic too.  (“And” not “but”).

Is anger a mix of fear and resentment at the Universe for not conforming to expectations/demands?  Yes, and toxic too.

Will this knowledge be a catalyst or a “buffer solution” that allows the pretense of change and the reality of stasis?  Your guess is as good as mine. Watch this space.

(Post inspired by having confirmed what I already knew by that rarest of beasts – someone who can and will Play the Games, but still has my respect.)



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One Response to How long, how long must I bleat this song?

  1. Antonio Dias says:

    Am I the only one to sense a sea-change here? This is a new voice. Looking forward to seeing where this leads us!

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