Anger is an energy?

Anger is a bit like nuclear power.

Some – the Buddhists and some Christians especially – say it is inherently dangerous, and that we should all run on sunlight and love.

They’re probably right, but for us mere mortals, we’re stuck with the dangerous stuff.

We can put it in containment vessels.

We can have control rooms.

We can insert rods to stop a chain reaction running outta control.

And pray there are no accidents.

Because we will be horribly damaged in the resulting meltdown.

A bit of righteous anger, well-controlled, can act as a baseload fuel source, topped up by “renewables” where needed (and the inspiration does exist, if you look for it).

As the song goes, “anger is an energy”…

PS Thanks to all the commenters over the last few days. I was away from the Interwebz for a few days (we both seem to have survived the trial separation) and it was nice to come back to thoughtful and thought-provoking comments. Maybe I should keep to this one-post-per-day schtick?


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