Repost: “Turkey, Brazil, Prism – what is going on? Cultural Global Civil War”

Yep.  What Robert said;

Turkey, Brazil, Prism – what is going on? Cultural Global Civil War

Marko Djurica/Reuters

I am sure that you , like me, have been wondering what is going on as seemingly small issues such as bus pass prices or a development project seem to spark such massive social movements.

As I walked the dog this morning it was what filled my mind.

Might it be that many many people have lost faith with the idea and the practice of government?

They don’t want Bread and Circuses as in Brazil. They want government to do what government used to do – operate good schools and healthcare.The government seems bought off by FIFA and the IOC and the developers. The government fails most of the people.

They don’t want developers to rule in Turkey and urban Turks do not want a theocracy. The traditionalist government is supported by the rural vote. The urban Turks cannot go back but the rural Turks cannot go forward.

In America we also see a split between the Coasts and coastal cities and much of the old Confederacy. Neither side feels that government represents them. No single government can! Instead it seems clear to most now that the US government serves only the elite.

I think that we are seeing a 3 way split. There is a conflict in values between the new and the old and the Elites have taken the prize.

Might it be that many nations are split in their values between “traditionalists” who look to external authority and to a growing group of people who are “participants” who need to be actors in their own lives. Who look to their internal locus of control?

I see these groups in every nation.  The traditionalists all want the same thing. So do the Participants. The problem is that they are locked into one nation and so into great conflict. This feels to me like the time of the Reformation. There was no middle ground for those who wanted the Pope to act between them and God and those that wanted to relate to God directly.

What I see that is new is the role of the elites. Then the elites themselves were split along religious lines. Now the elites are using the anger of the traditionalists to keep their power. There are no elites on the side of freedom and of self.

Which brings me to the web and to Prism and the NSA.

The great force that is driving the new reformation is surely the web. It is the fire than fuels the new. It is where each of us can find out what we need and to connect to others like us. It is like when Luther translated the Bible into German. It was why Printers were burned at the stake. The Traditionalist do not want people to form their own views.

The elite has launched the Inquisition. They have used Terror as their excuse and to get the Traditionalists onside.

So how do Traditionalists define “terror”? It is surely any person that does not take the party line. It will be anyone who objects to the Elite and how they run things. Don’t like the pipeline, you are a terrorist. Offer unpasteurized milk, you are a terrorist. Don’t like the banks, you are a terrorist.

THIS is why what is going on in the US is so dangerous. The Traditionalists have been weak on the web. They cannot use it for themselves. But they can and are now controlling it.

I don’t know how this will turn out but I do know my history. We are seeing a schism in human society that can only get worse I fear. People die and kill for these deep beliefs.

So far the Participants have been naive. There is no naivety on the other side. The Elites know who their enemies are and they know that this is a life and death conflict.

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  1. Sputz says:


    Love this piece, hope you don’t mind if I share it.

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