“How do we build a movement?” Oh, ffs…

Who is this “we” that you speak of? A bunch of self-selected would-be-if-they-could-get-some-followers vanguardists. Fuck that noise.

What is this “movement” you speak of? An invitation to followership, to inertia, co-optation and the depoliticisation that follows the dashing of exaggerated expectations.

Ask me instead how we use our very limited social power to create opportunities for the creation and maintenance of loose ties. Ask me instead how we demonstrate, through our example and with compassion for others’ fear of innovating, that meetings don’t have to be sage on the sage ego-foddering events that bore and scare anyone who isn’t already in the gang.
Ask me instead how we cultivate in both – ‘organisers’ and ‘attendees’ – physical and mental habits, physical and political expectations that are geared to finding out what knowledge, skill, enthusiasm and energy already exist in the room. And ask me at last how we figure out routines that allow for those flows to happen without gatekeepers and greedy-for-status centralisers.

Ask me that, and – although I am unsure of my answers, which are always provisional – I probably have as much to offer to you as you do to me.


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