Can’t understand why they don’t teach this stuff in school

At 2:30pm on December 21st, Silva-Renard issued a warning to the leaders of the workers’ committee to disperse within an hour or else. The leaders refused, and stood firm atop the school’s roof. True to his word, one hour after issuing the warning, Silva-Renard ordered his soldiers to aim their guns at the rooftop. All the strike leaders fell dead with the first volley. The amassed workers and their families desperately fled in all directions in a futile attempt to escape as they were shot down mercilessly with machine guns. The soldiers then stormed the school grounds, firing frenziedly into the classrooms with no regard for the women and children screaming in vain for mercy. At nightfall, they hauled and dumped the thousands of bodies into a clandestine mass grave. The survivors were ordered at sabre point to get back to work, whereupon they were subjected to a decade-long reign of terror before the labour movement at last began to slowly recover.

From here.

Surely everyone should learn that, when threatened, capital will dust off its machine-guns.
Surely everyone should learn that not every “reforming” politician is to be trusted.
Surely… no, wait…

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