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Awesome #Shakespeare spam!!

Shakespeare walks into a pub and the bar tender looks up and says “Oi, you’re bard.” Tumbleweed… Now, this. Advertisements

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Tyrannical emotions…

Centre to uncover the essence of humanity Luke Slattery Weds June 1, 2011, The Australian The centre is structured around a roll-call of investigators from Australia, Europe and North America, one of whom is the University of Queensland’s Peter Holbrook, … Continue reading

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Hamlet Mash-up!

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal versus Shakespeare. No contest…

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The Generation Gap

Went to the Bristol Old Vic last night and saw Tom Morris’s “Juliet and her Romeo” What’s that line from Saint-Just, something about “Those who make revolution by halves only dig their own graves.” What the hell am I talking … Continue reading

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Movies I’d like to see

OK, a short list so far, but… Paul Greengrass directing Matt Damon as “Macbeth”I don’t think (and can’t be bothered to check imdb) that anyone’s done a movie version of Macbeth since Roman Polanski. And I can’t think of anyone … Continue reading

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