Mmm, humble pie… tasty!! Not SBS, but ABC

[UPDATE: Complaint finally sent to right people.]


You know all these complaints I’ve been making to SBS about their coverage of the Christchurch Earthquake? Here, here and here.

I screwed up. The people I should have been complaining to/about was the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). There is a ‘good’ reason for my confusion, but no reason or excuse at all for not double-checking the TV schedule before jumping on my high horse. I will update the posts (but not erase them), and re-direct my righteous ire.

Two points
a) Lesson here – check your facts, no matter how ‘sure’ you are.
b) Audience Response Units are so robotic they don’t even check the facts and go “um, dude, you’re complaining at the wrong people.”

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