That hopey changey thing…

I got into trouble a while back at a big public meeting where I was asked if I saw any hope. I said no. Someone smarter than me pointed out that I should have re-focussed the question “hope for what?” Hope for things staying the same, no. Hope that humans will wake up to avoid the worst of the coming outcomes and toughen up to deal with the already-inevitable outcomes – definitely maybe.”

Anyhow, I digress.

A quote I found while reading Frances Moore Lappe’s “Getting a Grip: clarity, creativity and courage in a world gone mad”

Hope is not what we find in evidence.
It is what we become in action.

And there’s this from Tim Flannery‘s “Beautiful Lies” rather controversial essay

In the face of the irrefutable, there are those who still argue that human resourcefulness, armed with technology, will save us if only given enough time. This may be true, because no one knows the future, but it represents the kind of blind hope that encourages despair.
Page 60

I suppose we’re looking for hope of deliverance from the darkness that surrounds us?


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